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Chittorgarh - The Braveheart of Rajputana

Chittorgarh is situated in the Indian province of Rajasthan is as yet one of the least looked through miracles of India. Implicit the seventh century by the Guhilot lords and deserted in 1568 after long seizure by Akbar, the Chittorgarh Fort is currently likewise an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The grit is streaming in the atmosphere of Rajasthan and it is the spot which is conservative with extraordinary accounts of faithfulness and mental fortitude. While discussing boldness, there could be no other spot than Chittorgarh which fit "Valiance" the most. Chittorgarh Fort is the biggest post in India. The post is otherwise called Chittor and was the capital of Mewar and named after Chittrangad Maurya. The most striking wonder of the city is Chittorgarh Fort popular for the Jauhar that Rani Padmini experienced during an assault, the Chittorgarh Fort has seen a great deal of gutsy battles. This fortification is the greatest one in India and attracts explorer in tons reliably. This spot snatches your psyche as you meander around its lovely area, investigating its renowned attractions.

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