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Found 84 kms north of Udaipur in the wild, Kumbhalgarh is the second most significant fortification after Chittorgarh in the Mewar district. Supported in the Aravali Ranges the post was implicit the fifteenth century AD by Rana Kumbha. The unavailability and aggression of the geography loans a similarity to strength to the post. It served the leaders of Mewar as an asylum in the midst of difficulty. The fortification likewise filled in as asylum to King Udai of Mewar in his youth when Banbir killed Vikramaditya and usurped the privileged position. It is of enormous nostalgic importance for individuals being the origin of Mewar's amazing ruler Maharana Pratap. The fortress is independent in all regard to endure an extended attack. Its safeguards could be penetrated just a single time by the joined multitudes of the Mughal and of Amber essentially for shortage of drinking water. There is a radiant exhibit of sanctuaries worked by the Mauryas of which the most pleasant spot is the Badal Mahal or the royal residence of the mists.Maharana Fateh Singh redesigned the fortress in the nineteenth century.

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